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I am an amateur photographer. It means that taking pictures is my passion but not my job in any way.

My photography is influenced by story telling: all the pictures I take are telling a particular story. Sometimes it is simple, sometimes it is complex. Sometimes it is amazing, sometimes not. But meaning is always there somewhere.

While I like B&W a lot - I still shoot a bit of film, mostly Kodak TriX 400 - I also do colors. I shoot portraits, architecture, landscapes, street.

I am not into specialization. I'm not into that in my professional life (I've been an army officer, a space scientist, an oil & gas engineer, a strategy consultant, a salesman and an operation director). I'm not into that in my personal life (I've lived in France, Guatemala, the US, Qatar, Gabon, Luxembourg). 

What I try to do is follow Henri Cartier-Bresson's advice to take great and personal shots: align on the same line my heart, my mind, and my eye.

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